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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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2014, and adjudication. >> good evening president mazzucco and commissioners and members of the public. last week deputy director bob bazaar an acting senior investigator investigated an officers complaint function at the san francisco police academy. also to date, the occ has mediated 14 cases. six last month and four this month so far. on friday, i attended the black history month celebrations here in city hall and i have known the key note speakers since he's been a very little boy. he knows chad williams, the chair of the african american studies at the department of grand
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university and was a san francisco public schools and raised mr. san francisco. that concludes my report of recent activity. i will now move on to the statistical reports. i did shorten the title to spare you from reading a very long title. you have the reports in your packets that outline occ complaints filed, mediated cases and the chief's adjudication in january of this year. so what i will do now is i will update first the complaints filed as of today. 80 complaints have been filed compared to 76 in january, 2013. 315 complaints are pending. that's the same number that were pending in january 2013. 14 been mediated
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this year compared to 10? january and the entire month of february in 2013. so, we are ahead of the game with our mediation. three complaints have been sustained compared to one as of february 12, 2013. moving to the adjudication where one ori more were made. there were three in january for failure to collect traffic stop data and the officer was admonished. another fails to attend a traffic accident. the last one an officer failed to -- the officer transported a juvenile. the officer was
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admonished. the final adjudicated case was for unwarranted actions and this is where an officer detained a complainant without reasonable without probable cause. the officer was admonished and retrained. in the case is a case where the officers were following the ping of a stolen cellphone. the officer didn't get it right. the complainant didn't fit the description of the suspect ascribed by the woman who lost her cellphone and the cellphone was not an iphone, it was ann droid. that conclude my report. >> thank you very much, are there any questions for director hicks? hearing
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none, please call line item 4c. city clerk: commission reports, commission president's report, commissioners report. >> i got to attend the former police officers current agencies were present and the president of chief of police and salas slit oh -- it's a good working group where they talk about issues everything related to terrorism issues to quality of life issues. it's a great honor to represent the commission. we are told about what we do and what a group of individuals with different backgrounds when we come together and we are involved in policy and procedure and
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how things evolve in that area. it a great time to meet folks. i think they are pretty interested. it's a great time to brag. i shared with them, the topic was politics and policing in san francisco. i made it very clear to them that we have a very supportive mayor and board of supervisors because we are hiring officers and this city figured out that you have to put officers on the street in order to keep this city safe. you need to look at places like san jose where the mayor thought he was smarter than anybody else by letting officers go and it turned out to be the city with the most murders than san francisco. commissioners, you have anything you would like to report? commissioner chan? >> yes, quickly, i'm looking to realize that we won't have a next meeting. the next crisis intervention team
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class for sfpd is february 24-27. i believe it's at golden gate park at one of the main buildings there. >> yeah. we are both smiling because i can tell you where it is. it's where the flower building. >> thank you. we are both empty on that one. it's at that building and you are welcome to go. each time i go to training gets better and better. it's for officers on the escalation and all the mental health components and improved in the classes and very engaged and commander carrillo was elected for the california cit association. yeah, a big deal. we are taking on leadership statewide which is a long way from
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where we were a couple years ago and that's quite amazing. and the cit continues to meet. we'll meet tomorrow. >> that's great. one of the things i mentioned in my speech about having a commission was cit and a lot are interested. it's good for these individuals who are experienced law enforcement professionals who had no idea about cit. commissioners, anything else? >> please call line item 4d. >> commission announcements and for consideration of future meetings. >> there will not be a commission meeting next week, february 19th. the commission will be dark. february 26th, we shall be in the park district at a community meeting. the commission will meet in the park at grand elementary school, 165 grant
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on street in san francisco, concerning public protect issues in the park. >> thank you, any issues for scheduling? i know i spoke with deputy chief, i understand that is a working progress balancing constitutional issues involving the officers off duty time. i want to let you know that's a work in progress and the chief insured me that's on its way. >> could the deputy chief give us the details on the promotion ceremony again? >> the crisis intervention training is february 24th-27. you are all welcome to stop by. it's actually all day.
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8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. just drop by anytime. >> the promotional ceremony the 27th at 2 :00 p.m. at the temple, on 19th and slope. >> it's a little hard for me to make it during the day but i will try. >> anything else? >> inspector monroe. tomorrow he's on the course part of the officers training. we'll get there faster. >> thank you for that commissioners. >> as long as we get hot dogs. >> thank you for that, commissioner. can i get to item 5? >> we have public comment on 4abc and d. any public comment on those items? yes? >> good afternoon, good evening again. this is for
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something to be considered at a future meeting. i have been giving a lot of thought to public input for public safety since a lot of the information comes to the police department comes from the public where the extra eyes and ears or as i refer to myself the gargoyle in the window. i get to see what's going on. i really would like to see the police commission get behind pushing for safety committee in the larger apartment buildings through project safe or something similar to that. if you were to get behind that and behind the chief so that the tennants can form building safety committees without fear of retaliation from
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unscrupulous landlords, it would be extremely helpful. people want to be safe including those who are in the criminal element. i have said before, when the criminal element start to feel unsafe, the rest of us don't stand a chance. they need to know the crime, because they have crimes perpetrated against them. what they can do to get that crime reported. because a lot of these people don't live in the best shelters, they don't live in door ways. they live in so-called supportive housing, public housing. they need to know, we need to know what can be done. so if there is someway that the commission can come up with something to help us out that would be really really wonderful if you
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can agendaized, i don't like the word hearing. but agendaized and open sort of thing so people from the public can come and share with you what sorts of things we like to see happen. that would be very very helpful and would help make san francisco even more responsive and safer. that's it. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> please call line item no. 5. item 6. vote on whether to hold item 7 in closed session and vote on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege with regards to item 7bcd section 67.10. action. >> we have a motion with
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reference to go into closed session to go into closed session to discuss confidential and private matters. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we are now moving into closed session.
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